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World Ayrshire Conference: Maulfair Acres and Conebella Farm
By David Jons

Pennsylvania Ayrshires were front and center as the World Aryshire Conference continued on their tour on Sunday, September 25th.


First on the itinerary was Maulfair Acres located in Jonestown, Pennsylvania owned by Dale and Pattie Maulfair with their son David and wife Rachel recently purchasing the herd.


Dale and Pattie Maulfair  
Dave and Rachel Maulfair

After a delicious lunch we viewed the 75 cow herd consisting of 30 Ayrshires with a rolling herd average of 22, 600 lbs. of milk and 45 Holsteins with a rolling herd average of 29,800 lbs. of milk. Cows are milked 2X with no BST and fed a TMR.


Many of the Ayrshires in the herd trace their pedigrees to some of the most well-known Ayrshire herds in the United States and Canada. Some are family members of All-American, World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair Champions.


 Maulfair Acres Tri-Star Creampuff EX-91 4E
Mega-Star Burdette Bells EX-92
Mega-Star Burdette Bells EX-92 

A couple of David’s barn favorites are Maulfair Acres Tri-Star Creampuff EX-91 4E with lifetime production to date of 206,533 lbs. of milk and Mega-Star Burdette Bells EX-92 with a record of over 25,000 lbs. of milk.



 In addition to viewing a top notch herd of cows, Dale had a few of the automobiles and tractors on display from his collection.


Don and Pam Gable welcome the Ayrshire tour group to their farm.  

Continuing through the state to our next stop at Conebella Farm in Elverson, Pennsylvania owned by Don and Pam Gable. A fourth generation dairyman, Don and his family have a herd of 115 Ayrshire cows that generate a rolling herd average of 19,000 lbs. of milk with 4.1% fat and 3.1% protein.



In addition to dairying, Conebella Farm is also involved in two other business ventures: a cheese making business using 10% of their current milk production and a hay business selling high quality grass hay to mostly local horse owners.


Conebella Percy’s Tiva VG-88   
Conebella Percy’s Tiva VG-88  

Some of the standouts in the herd are Conebella Percy’s Tiva VG-88 with 3-01 2X 365 25,290 5.1 1286 3.9 978 and she is the number 4 ranked cow on the Elite List.



Conebella Percy’s Lavonia GP-83 at 2-09 and she is the number 10 ranked cow on the Elite List.


Conebella Avenger’s Dove EX-91 3E with a lifetime to date of 163,515 lbs. of Milk 6,113 lbs. of Fat and 5,077 lbs. of Protein.


The evening was topped off with a savory meal of smoked and BBQ pork with all the fixings. 
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