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World Ayrshire Conference: Arriving in Ohio's Spring Run Farms
 By David Jons
 It was a long tour bus ride to start the World Ayrshire Conference on Tuesday, September 27th and a long tour bus ride to end the day.


Tom and Vivian Wolf welcome the World Ayrshire Conference.

In between was a stop at Spring Run Farms owned by Tom and Vivian Wolf, Shreve, Ohio that started with lunch.



Milking 90 Ayrshires that produce a rolling herd average of 17,119M 632F 546P being fed a TMR, milked 2X and utilizing loose housing with pack bedding. Over the years some cows that have left their mark on the herd are Spring Run D. Kel Geri VG-87, Spring Run Tri-Star Pam EX-90 and Spring Run Mischief Christine EX-90.

A new addition to the farm is the CalfMom automatic calf feeding system. 


CalfMom feeds whole milk and milk replacer to calves up to 60 days old. Each calf has a RFID tag in their ear that operates the nipple in the feeder and turns the nipple out so the calf can suck, when the calf has received the amount programed in to the computer the nipple turns in, self-washes and the calf moves out of the feeder. This system will feed up to 35 calves and larger units are available.

Tom is an avid collector of vintage tractors, mostly Allis-Chalmers. 


He currently has a collection of 14 vintage tractors with a 1929 model 2035 Allis Chalmers (above) the cream of the crop.



In addition to the vintage tractor collection, Tom has a collection of 185 peddle tractors with Allis Chalmers, HI, Ford, Massey, John Deere, Oliver, White, Case and Kabota represented.



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