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World Ayrshire Conference: Day 2 of Meetings and the WAC Embryo Sale
By David Jons
Mary Creek 

The second day of the World Ayrshire Federation meetings began with president Mary Creek bringing the meeting to order. On the agenda were reports from the member countries of Australia, Canada, Columbia, Finland, Kenya, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. Each country explained the average production, population, genetic indexes, main goals and any other important information about Ayrshires in their country.

Becky Payne of U.S. Ayrshire Breeders Association. 
John Rodgers 

Australia unveiled a promotional video for hosting the 2020 World Ayrshire Conference. The afternoon was filled by three speakers, first John Rodgers, from the U.S. Ayrshire Foundation, gave a presentation informing every one of the efforts of the U.S. Ayrshire Foundation and the grants it has given in the last three years.

Larry Schirm 

The second speaker Larry Schirm, ABS Asia Business Manager, spoke about genetics progress and breeding cows that fit your operation. Schirm emphasized using all the technology available to produce the kind of cow that works on your farm and not following a particular index or list-- one size does not fit all.

David Kendall 

The last speaker was David Kendall, Director of Genetic Advancement for STGenetics, who spoke about the Ayrshire breed and future growth. He covered his thoughts about the need for the Ayrshire breed to find its niche and then promote and market its advantages in order to grow the breed and enhance its value. David suggested every breeder should be using genomic testing, sexed semen and embryo transfer to increase selection intensity.

Aaron Ray Thompkins of Cowbuyer handles the online bidding.

After an evening meal the World Ayrshire Conference Embryo sale was held, with Cowbuyer providing online bidding.

Steve McDonald helps out with the embryo sale. 
 Steve McDonald and Chris Lundgren

Chris Lundgren handled auctioneer duties and Steve McDonald read pedigrees. Topping the sale at $1,000 per embryo was lot 9, 3-#1 embryos sired by Bigstar or Adidas from DE LaPlaine Burdette Bling-ET VG-89. Bling was the All American and All Canadian Jr. 2 Yr. Old 2014, All Canadian Jr. 3 Yr. Old 2015.

CLICK HERE a complete listing of all lots and prices. 
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