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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Promotion
In the ag industry, we are constantly being told we need to tell our story so we can dispell the myths and communicate the truth about the goodness of dairy in the diet.
As farmers and dairy producers, how do YOU 'tell your story' and defuse the disparaging comments about dairy products and the dairy industry in general?
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Reader Comments
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Just Sayin
July, 10 2018
I have to agree with Tony on this. Complete incompetence everywhere you look! But the story gets even richer when you see what these clowns pay themselves! No other check-off program pays there people anywhere near what we do! We're all going broke while they tell stories about Domino's, McDonald's ect… kind of reminds me of guys selling additives..."if you feed this, you'll make sooo much money"!
Haters everywhere
July, 10 2018
People love to toss shade but don't have facts to back it up. Checkoff dollars drive research and is the reason why McDonalds switch from margarine to butter for all their cooking. That change alone raised the US all milk price by .35 alone due to increased demand. People also complain about low milk prices in the store, but that is a good thing! All fluid milk must be pooled and minimum prices paid per the FMMO. If a store wants to sell it lower than what they paid, more power to them. Economics 101, when you have excess inventory, lower prices spur increased consumption and take more product off the market, clearing excess inventory and gets supply in demand into balance. $1 milk jugs mean that the grocery store is promoting dairy consumption where people will buy more milk than intended, helping grow consumption and future demand with our consumers, all while reducing excess inventory that needs to take place in order to raise prices. If people need $20 milk to break even, don't blame the industry but rather look at your business model and why you are so inefficient. I bet the same people were smiling when their hotshot neighbor crop farmers went out because they needed $4.50 corn to break even.
Tony Whitehead
July, 9 2018
Dairymen are the most gullible people in the world. What other industry wastes their advertising dollars to hire people to train them to do the job that they were hired to in the first place? AMAZING. Let's cut out the middle man. Save 15 cents. It will be tough for the resorts in Florida and Arizona. Can this check off be any more poorly ran? No accountability at any level. Hand picked YES men from the ground up.
Old Timer
July, 9 2018
I like to get the message across with a little sarcasm. I tell about the soccer mom drinking her organic milk, eating her non GMO bagel topped with organic, gluten free margarine, then the minute her little Sally gets a mosquito bite she calls the city and tells them they better get busy and start spraying??