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Brown Swiss Associationi Names Award Nominees

In 2009, the Brown Swiss Association adopted a program proposed by the Brown Swiss Historical Society to recognize people important to the continuing progress of the Brown Swiss breed. The initial award presentations will be made at the 2010 BSA Convention.

The awards are;
 The Master Breeder Award. This award recognizes an active breeder who has successfully developed a breeding program that accentuated cow families, especially those that contributed significantly to the advancement of the breed. Donated by Vine Valley Farms, this award will be known as the Leon W. Button Master Breeder Award.

Nominees for this award are:
Blessing, Milan, Bob & Steve, Blessing Farms
Kruse, Larry, Kruses Swiss
Mashek, Dennis, Hilltop Acres  
Nierman, Roger, Long Lane Farm
Rinehart, Alan, R-Hart Farms
Sliker, Wayne & Connie, Top Acres
Worden, Darrell, Forest Lawn Farm 
Historical Master Breeder Recognition. This award recognizes a breeder who has retired or has passed on. The recognized breeder will have a legacy that has made a lasting impression on breed progress by developing one or more strong cow families. This recognition still needs a donor.
Arnold, Roy, Arnola Swiss
Button, Leon W, Vine Valley Farm
DeVoe, George, Judd’s Bridge Farm
Faber, Steve & Nancy, Faber Swiss
Harkness, Jerry, We-Gotta Swiss Farm
Hull Brothers, Lakeview Farm
Hull, Vernon, Lee’s Hill Farm
Ingold, John & Fred
Walhalla Farms, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Zoller
Kinney, Warren, Lee’s Hill Farm
Lilly, A.A., Lilly Swiss
Magnussen, Harold, Walhalla Farms, Shelburne Farms
Magnussen, Norman E., Norvic Farms
Notter, Bill & Velva, Venture Swiss
McKitrick, Dr. John, Welcome In Farm
Massingill, Pat & Audine, Tuolumne Swiss
Meier, Donald, Arbor Rose Farm
Meier, Earl, Meier Dairy Farms (Wandervu prefix)
Monson, Clyde & Bernard, Meadow View
Sawyer, Lester, Hycrest Farms
Sherry, Orbec, Vernon Stock Farm
Vanderham, Pete, Bridge View Swiss
Voegeli, Jacob & Howard, Voegeli Farms
Woods, Henry & Janie, White Cloud Farms
Zoller, J. Frank, Walhalla Farm

Voting procedures will be announced soon.

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