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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Mentors
Nearly everyone in the dairy industry has or had someone who helped guide and shape their journey into the industry. Parents, Ag Teacher, Breeder, someone who took the time to teach and set examples for you to follow.

Here is one of those questions everyone can answer, no matter what age, gender or background.

Who was your mentor?
Reader Comments
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August, 23 2019
Definitely Wayne and Connie Sliker. They both have done more to help young breeders than most know plus Wayne is on an equal or greater playing field to Pete Heffering.
Larry Kleiner
August, 22 2019
I like most have my parents to thank for my ability to enter into the business. The person I probably learned the most from was the slightly eccentric Ron Debatin, AKA Killer. He loved good cows and the show ring as much as anybody but his primary objective was always to make an honest profit and that he did. He would be the first to admit that he was lucky but he put together enough money to exit active farming and basically retire at the age of 49. I have not been as lucky as he was but I have been lucky enough to hit enough winners to cover the losers.
August, 21 2019
Harry Weier and Richard Lomen two great cowmen who knew how to breed the good ones whether it be AI or out of their own bull pens & inspire a youngster like me
Max Dunseth
August, 21 2019
H.Ralph Rigg and J.Maurice Tressler.
August, 21 2019
Lester Fisher Pawnee Farms at Central City , Nebraska Lester went to Canada to buy herd bulls before A I .
Should have listened
August, 19 2019
In my early twenties and fresh out of college, I was chatting with the judge at our state show. He asked if our family farm had a partnership I said no I am just an employee. He said then get the hell out. Now in my late fifties and still no partnership or succession plan I would like to mentor young dairymen, if there is no plan then get the hell out because there never will be.
A Grateful Son
August, 19 2019
My Dad!