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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Dumping Milk
The COVID-19 virus is affecting milk demand and plant capacity to process it. Reports of milk being dumped from many parts of the U.S. continue to rise. While the thought of dumping milk is unthinkable at a time when so many people need it, that is the situation.
Any possible practical utilization for dumped milk?
Reader Comments
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Old Doc
April, 8 2020
We have been good at we do best PRODUCE MILK. Lousy at the money end. Processors and grocers dont care if you are failing. Coop boards often worry about having a good time. Hard to stop the vertical business model like the hog and chicken guys but dairy cows are a more difficult machine even the big guys have massive fails TOO many variables Time to get selfish and look out for Number ONE Hold people accountable
Just thinking
April, 7 2020
Maybe the processors could get bottled and on the shelves the same day we get a letter saying we need to prepare to dump the shelves are empty. Big dairy wants us to believe otherwise. Our population is still eating everyday and maybe having milk with dinner at home because it's not on the menu at the restaurant just thinking
April, 6 2020
I hope and think dumping milk is a short term problem. No one could see the abrupt closing of schools, restaurants and colleges, losing the market for all the milk products sold in those venues.
April, 6 2020
I have heard that milk is used to make huge pumpkins grow for the biggest pumpkin contest at the Mahoning county fair in Canfield, Ohio. Perhaps it will make other things grow! Why not experiment with it!
April, 6 2020
Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get some milk. I didn't get any none in cooler. Went to another and same. Also this limit of one would have had me going to the store every day when all my boys were home. How a family with any kids manage to stay at home when they have needs every day of milk.
I Have Heard
April, 5 2020
I have heard of spreading milk on crop or hay ground. I have never done it.