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Milk Futures Lower, Cash Dairy Steady to Lower Friday

June Class III milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange down 60 cents to $17.03.  July 62 lower at $16.44.  August through October contracts down 35 to 60 cents.

Dry whey unchanged at $0.3625.

Blocks steady at $1.9375.  Four trades were made, with a range of $1.93 to $1.9375.

Barrels steady at $1.89.  Twenty-five trades made, ranging $1.8875 to $1.89.

Butter down $0.05 at $1.5925.  Three trades with a range of $1.5875 to $1.5950.

Nonfat dry milk down $0.0025 at $1.0125.  Twelve trades were made, ranging from $1.0050 to $1.0150.

For the week, dry whey lost more than three cents, block cheddar gained more than 30, barrels were up 31 cents, butter more than 11 cents higher, and nonfat dry milk picked up almost a dime.

 --Brownfield AgNews