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Holstein Association USA and Western Kentucky University to Host Launch Event for WKU SmartHolstein Lab

BRATTLEBORO, Vt.  — Holstein Association USA and Western Kentucky University are excited to officially launch the WKU SmartHolstein Lab on November 14, 2022. The launch will be held at the WKU Ag Expo Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky from 10 am to 5 pm central time. This event will provide a unique opportunity to see the latest in dairy technology, with over 30 working technologies on one dairy farm. Additional information can be found at

“We’ve spent the past year getting the WKU SmartHolstein Lab up and running by installing many different technologies, adding Registered Holsteins to the herd, and conducting research,” says Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, Holstein Association USA Analytics and Innovation Scientist. “Now, we’re thrilled to welcome you to the WKU SmartHolstein Lab to see the progress we’ve made, and learn more about the technologies we’re using here.”

In addition to exploring new technologies, visitors can view the 25 Registered Holsteins donated by Holstein breeders from around the country as part of the Send a Holstein to College program. Representatives from companies with technologies on the farm will be on-site to provide information about their technology offerings. The program will include a tour of the dairy, recognition of lab partners and donors, lunch, and a program featuring the latest in dairy technological innovations.  

Registration for the WKU SmartHolstein Lab launch is $15 per person and includes lunch. Registration is open to anyone with an interest in dairy, and payment can be made at the event. RSVP to Jeffrey Bewley at or 859-699-2998 by October 30. The event will be held at the WKU Ag Expo Center, located at 406 Elrod Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The WKU SmartHolstein Lab, located at the WKU Agriculture Research and Education Center, is designed to be a research, development, and demonstration center for the dairy industry. The lab is a one-of-a-kind partnership between Holstein Association USA, Western Kentucky University (WKU), and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.

The mission of the WKU SmartHolstein Lab is to lead Holstein and dairy advancements through research, development, and outreach in technologies, analytics, and genetics. This endeavor provides students with unique experiential learning opportunities. The SmartHolstein Lab was established in 2021 as an easy-to-access demonstration and development farm to explore new technologies designed to collect novel phenotypic traits including wearable or indwelling sensors and milk-based biomarkers.

Contact Holstein USA Analytics and Innovation Scientist Jeffrey Bewley by email at or call 859.699.2998 for questions, further information, or to register for the event.