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Mil-R-Mor Classification Highlights

Mil-R-Mor Holsteins classified 25 head Wednesday, earning four new Excellents and four new Very Good two-year-olds.

Mil-R-Mor Damion Cheerios, scored EX-91, while Mil-R-Mor Laramie Sahara scored EX-90, EX-92 MS. Carn-Quest Pronto Rayfia went EX-90, completing eight generations of Excellents from the Roxy family. Kepotah Champion Vanity, owned by Val Greco and Ron Mikulice, classified EX-91 just 45 days after calving with twins. All four cows are on their second lactation.

Two-year-old paternal sisters Mil-R-Mor Debnair Bella-Red-PO and MS Green Genes Marie-Red both scored VG-86. Bella’s mother, Bonni-Bell, and her mother’s full sister, Bonni-Ann, both gained another E to be 2E-90. Meanwhile, Mil-R-Mor Sanchez Dulce and Blunkel Mil-R-Mor Rayana both earned a VG-85 score.

Rayana is a potential nine-generation Excellent granddaughter of Gloryland Liberty Rae EX-95. Marie also has a famous granddam, hailing from the EX-94, All-American Greenlea Rub Marlene-Red. Bella, Marie and Dulce, along with Rayana’s Windbrook heifer calf, will all sell at the Golden Anniversary of Mil-R-Mor Sale, to be held April 28, 2012.

In other highlights, Mil-R-Mor Aspen Rosie, Hillpine MilRMor Alyxa-Red, and Jeffrey-Way Takoda each earned another point to score EX-91.

Mil-R-Mor Farm, located in Orangeville, IL, is currently milking about 140 cows with a 110.1 BAA. Fifty years ago this year, Bob & Kaye Miller registered the first calf with the Mil-R-Mor prefix. Since that time, they have had many achievements along the way, including the development of the world-famous Roxy 4E-97 cow family, and being named the 2007 National Dairy Shrine Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder. To celebrate, they will be holding a Golden Anniversary Sale April 28 at the farm. About 65 young, deep-pedigreed Mil-R-Mor females will sell, along with about 25-30 special consignments that descend from Mil-R-Mor breeding.

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Jim Landmeier
February, 24 2012
Wow! 50 years sure goes by fast. Congratulations!
Mike Snyder
February, 24 2012
Great! What were the genomic numbers? [haha] Hope to see you in April.
Dick Clark
February, 24 2012
Congratulations, Bob & Kaye. Hope to see you at the party.