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The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Is it worth it? - Oct 22 2018 (Comments: 1)
I have never seen cattle that the value was not enhanced by official testing and ID. For some farmers some of the other breed programs may be unnecessary.
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week:Sale Cattle Purchases - Sep 22 2018 (Comments: 5)
type,cow family , maternal production
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Past Champions - Oct 12 2018 (Comments: 7)
Taking a closer look... there were several winners with high records.The 5 year old winner, Co-Vale Demsy Dina EX(95)and Hon. Ment Grand...last year Grand at the Royal... had a high record of 38,401m
J. Douglas “Doug” Fellers Passes - Oct 16 2018 (Comments: 4)
I had a lot of fun with Doug in Hutch and Salina. He scored here a couple of times. He was a character. My condolences to Ed and the entire family.
Nebraska Farmers Plead Guilty to Falsifying Organic Products - Oct 16 2018 (Comments: 1)
This just speaks to the entire smoke and mirrors charade trying to make people believe that organic is the way. We are suppose to structure all our farming practices to appease the naïve, spoiled, v
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: On farm milk processing - Oct 18 2018 (Comments: 1)
Nice idea. The problem is all of the profits would go to the robot manufacturer for installation and then the maintenance will get you in the end. Those pesky banks will want to get paid. The system
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Where should the show judges come from? - Oct 3 2018 (Comments: 12)
Just curious where you are going to place John Erbson, Chris Hill, Nathan Thomas, John Cannon, Michael Heath, Joel Keitzman, Adam Liddle.There are lots of others. These guys have all started somew
The DAT People's Choice Question of the Week: Show Ring Winners - Sep 29 2018 (Comments: 19)
In our area we are harvesting the best corn crop in history. Yes we had near perfect corn growing conditions this summer but genetics no doubt played a big part as well. I remember my Dad and Grandda
2018 World Dairy Expo: One More Day - Oct 1 2018 (Comments: 1)
I like all the pictures, wish I could be there
FDA Moves Forward on Milk Labeling - Sep 28 2018 (Comments: 1)
WHOA!! Slow down guys. Its took 20 years to get this far. If you get this enforced what can you blame this boondoggle of an advertising fiasco on? I'd like to hear the barroom conversation on what th
Eddie Q. Lacey Obituary - Sep 18 2018 (Comments: 2)
Eddie Lacey very likely led the list of county fair entries on the "Catfish Circuit" and revered member of the "Southern Syndicate" in Southern IL . He would drag 2 or 3 strings to fairs each week a
John (Jack) Albert Miller Passes - Sep 12 2018 (Comments: 1)
William Roy Ahlem, Jr., Obituary - Aug 30 2018 (Comments: 1)
Triple Crown Complete: Anika Goes 97 - Aug 25 2018 (Comments: 1)